About Me - I am doing photography because I like it so much.

Model: Isabella Sandahl Ryser 


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About me


“I am doing photography because I like it so much”

I'm born 1971 in a small town slightly outside the capital Copenhagen in Denmark.

Working areas: Ballet, Dance, Themes, Portrait, Fashion and Artistic Nude art photography. I work mainly in four categories today, as I feel that they will bring me towards my overall goal and be able to empower myself to create even better images.

Please question me for more genres or exciting work areas.

Jly Portræt MH_hplush2

For me, photography is more about creating an Art I really like myself, and if this criterion is fulfilled, I can then hope that other people also will like my work and maybe buy some of my print. My work is therefore not necessarily based on making money while I produce it, but when I print it.

My personal goal is to continue to empower myself to create even better images. 

Picture artwork

Ballerina Artwork with amazing Mathilde Roien 



I have been followed talented ballet dancers and their fight and journey towards realizing the dreams of getting a professional career in ballet around the world sins beginning of 2017.

The ballet project started as a small photo school project but has today developed with both anticipation from Danish and foreign ballet dancers.

My ballerina project
My ballet project

My Experience

I started as photographer in 1993, where I bought my first analog cameras travelling on safari in Tanzania. Hereafter I did several photography schools. In 2009 I got my first digital camera and continued to strike after much better results, and I finalised my full education as photographer in 2018 ...

Beautiful Carla
My ballerina Project


Educated photographer from KPPA (key point photographer academy)  


Nikon user

Photography in all area 

Film and still photography 

Retouching and training 

Lighting flash and strophes 


Master all Adobe and Apples programs.

Kelby Training online school as inspiration 


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Do you have a dream of working with a high level skilled photographer, who always is very committed, and confidential when needed. A photographer who always is very serious about delivery and have a high quality performances

Please contact me on my messenger account by facebook. 

Best regards Jacob Lypart 


My ballerina Project
Surfer Girls
Mathilde Tivoli Ballerina
Amazing Clara Rene

My Ballet Project. 

I am following ballet talents and their fight and journey towards realising the dreams of getting a professional career in ballet. The ballet project started just out as a small photo school project, but has today developed with both anticipation from Danish and foreign ballet dancers. 


Developing interpretation or storytelling is probably what I like most as a photographer. Whether it is all organized or recorded in the present. One can view a photograph and even conclude what the story is behind the picture. I hope that in the future I can continue develop more history described situations.


Portrait, is a huge part of my photography, as I love creating beautiful portrait, where expression, storytelling, moment of true comes to life in great images. Working with people and showing their personality and creating the best images, is for me a wonderful way of working.

Artistic Nude | Art

Artistic Art is an amazing category because it allows the photographer to work with shaping the light around the body's curves and emphasise beautiful details of the body in a very beautiful artistic way. It Is all about creating beautifully images showing peoples pure nature without distracting facades in a combinations of shaping a beautiful light who create a very beautiful Art form. 

Mathilde Tivoli Ballerina

By working professionally with images, one can achieve great results that both tell the viewer the full story at the same time also letting the person in the picture been identified as the person character expressed.

Photo: Mathilde Roien, professional ballerina - Tivoli ballet school. 

Who you are

TFP Work - It is always important to be challenged as a photographer and take other tasks or new models if possible at TFP work, or translated to FTFP - "Free time for print" 

TFP is develope as a join free of charges work between both model and photographer who both can test new ideas, knowledge and expand their network . 

To get the best results, it is often a good idea to meet up more times for photo shoots to see how the model and photographer work together.

Hereby TFP in Spain together with Janka and Monica 


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Ballerina Disney version
Sound of Music
Mathilde my photo painting project
Amazing Clara Rene




Artistic Nude | Art